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About Us

You might think that one commercial and personal insurance agency is like another and it’s really the insurance company that matters. Nothing could be further from the truth when you’re buying insurance. The agency can make all the difference. Why?

Assessing your financial and business situation and determining the right coverage takes more than our reputation for dedication to customer care. It takes knowing the strengths and focus of the companies, their industry expertise, and which insurance program will be the best fit for your needs.

It takes having a broad knowledge of the products available and a deep understanding of not only what you need to cover, but how your assets fit together as a whole. It also takes an understanding of changing markets and how they’ll affect your future.

Insurance for the 21st Century

The energy and vitality that went into founding JD Fulwiler Insurance in 1988 is the same spirit that drives our ethos today. Keeping up with the changes in risk management and insurance markets are part of every workday at Fulwiler. Our broad expertise and access to highly specialized markets means we are able to provide you with almost any commercial or personal insurance need, no matter how unique.


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JD Fulwiler serves as the off-site insurance team for Options for Southern Oregon, Inc.This year, the commercial insurance team and benefits consultants were critical to our success as we faced the complexities related to a merger and occupying a new facility. Their anticipation of our needs and response to our questions has been exemplary.

Joann Gillyatt
Human Resource Director Options for Southern Oregon, Inc.

I have worked with J.D. Fulwiler for over twenty years and it remains one of our most trusted business relationships.

William Hatcher
CEO A to Z Wineworks / REX HILL

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