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JD Fulwiler & Co. Insurance Risk management assists your company to identify, analyze, control and finance a broad range of risks, and in turn improves your ability to meet client expectations and ensure continued prosperity and growth. Please contact us for more information.

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Have you ever submitted an insurance claim that seemed to drop into a black hole? We have a system in place to prevent that very situation.

When you face a loss, you need answers and assistance right away. At JD Fulwiler, we have an in-house claims management specialist who guides you through the claims process from submission to payment. That begins with making sure that the claim forms are properly filled out and submitted correctly to the insurance company. We serve as your champion throughout the entire process to help minimize the stress and inconvenience that is often associated with an insurance claim.

By doing the claims management in-house, we not only make certain your claim gets paid, but that your claim gets paid more rapidly.

Saving Money for Your Family and Business

For your business, we design a claims management program to monitor loss trends and implement risk management procedures to mitigate future losses. The ultimate goal is to reduce the cost of claims and help ensure your business is properly prepared and protected.

We provide you with risk management tools and resources to help you identify risks and improve the safety of your organization. We can advise you on safety, disaster preparedness, ergonomics, and more.

For personal lines of insurance, we work with you to help manage your insurance costs while reducing your exposure to a loss. We recommend appropriate limits and deductibles to provide you with the protection you need while working within your budget. We also provide you with information on reducing risks from water losses, wildfire dangers, and other personal perils to help you protect your family and assets from loss.

For help with claims management today, contact:

Kristi Nesbitt
Claims Manager
Direct: 503-977-5614

I have worked with J.D. Fulwiler for over twenty years and it remains one of our most trusted business relationships.

William Hatcher
CEO A to Z Wineworks / REX HILL

JD Fulwiler serves as the off-site insurance team for Options for Southern Oregon, Inc.This year, the commercial insurance team and benefits consultants were critical to our success as we faced the complexities related to a merger and occupying a new facility. Their anticipation of our needs and response to our questions has been exemplary.

Joann Gillyatt
Human Resource Director Options for Southern Oregon, Inc.

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