Rented Equipment

Rented Equipment


A short-term property policy will protect the rented entertainment equipment needed to produce your event including golf carts, tents, walkie-talkies, porta-potties, generators, sound equipment, and lighting. Rental periods are available from one day to one year.

We have specialized in event insurance for over thirty years. We are proud to offer a simple online resource for single events which allows individuals, event planners, facilities, and agents/brokers to instantly quote and bind coverage online for many types of events nationwide. We offer this event insurance in all states through our easy-to-use online application, called EVENT INSURANCE NOW, and our experienced staff is able to assist you with any questions or requests regarding special event insurance.

Brokers & Agents

We also specialize as a wholesaler for special events and entertainment risks. Brokers nationwide can use our online platform to instantly quote and bind several classes of special events. We offer 10% commission on most products, higher rates are offered upon production benchmarks, and there is no volume commitment. Register today and start writing special events insurance with us!


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