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President’s Message

Since its founding in 1988 by James D. Fulwiler, I have been dedicated to ensuring that J.D. Fulwiler & Co. Insurance provides a level of outstanding service in the insurance and financial services industry that is unmatched in the region. I believe that it is this dedication that has led to our consistent ranking as one of the top 5 locally owned insurance agencies by The Portland Business Journal. We’ve been able to achieve this by focusing our attention first and foremost on our clients and their needs.

As a J.D. Fulwiler client, I know that you will experience first-hand our commitment to developing lasting relationships with our clients through an unparalleled level of care and professionalism. You will see this reflected through an honest recognition that your needs are specific to you and a commitment to developing a program that is uniquely yours.

We have been on a very positive course for the past few years and I am excited to continue to shape the future of J.D. Fulwiler with our team of experienced and award winning agents who are continually raising the bar for service, care, and relationships in the insurance industry; a beneficial byproduct of our dedication to each and every one of our clients.

Trisha FulwilerJ.D. Fulwiler & Co. Insurance, Inc.
Trish Fulwiler, CIC, CRM

I have worked with J.D. Fulwiler for over twenty years and it remains one of our most trusted business relationships.

William Hatcher
CEO A to Z Wineworks / REX HILL

JD Fulwiler serves as the off-site insurance team for Options for Southern Oregon, Inc.This year, the commercial insurance team and benefits consultants were critical to our success as we faced the complexities related to a merger and occupying a new facility. Their anticipation of our needs and response to our questions has been exemplary.

Joann Gillyatt
Human Resource Director Options for Southern Oregon, Inc.

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