Auto Insurance

We understand how valuable it is to ensure you have the right coverage to keep you moving forward. At JD Fulwiler & Company Insurance, we make it easy for you and your family to find a policy that protects your vehicle, the driver, and the passengers by offering solutions tailored to your needs. 

Vehicle Insurance

Auto, Motorcycle, and RV Insurance

Working with an insurance partner who understands how to design a policy for a specific vehicle and your individual needs is vital. Our team of insurance experts provides support by offering the following benefits designed to protect your financial well-being:

  • Auto insurance
  • Motorcycle insurance
  • Recreation Vehicle (RV) insurance 

With multiple top-rated carrier partners at our side, we are ready to help you choose the right insurance and products for you and your family. 

Contact us today to receive a quote for a personalized insurance solution based on your budget.

Auto Insurance

We curate auto insurance packages for individuals nationwide. We collaborate with each policyholder to find the best coverage with a fair deductible based on state requirements while potentially reducing car insurance premiums.

Given the variables in options, our insurance experts will work with you to create individualized policies

This includes assessing your needs based on the following criteria:  

  • Auto liability insurance: This coverage may provide compensation to help drivers pay for expenses associated with property damage and/or bodily harm. Remember, auto liability insurance is mandatory for every driver in most cases, depending on local laws, so it’s best to speak with an insurance provider to learn more
  • Auto collision insurance: This coverage may cover repairing or replacing your car after a collision with another car or an object. We can design a plan with a reasonable deductible, at-fault accident coverage, and other perks.
  • Comprehensive auto insurance: Comprehensive auto insurance covers theft, severe weather events, vandalism, and other qualifying incidents, providing financial protection. This coverage is typically added to an auto insurance policy to elevate security and mitigate potential financial strain associated with specific events. 

We encourage you to contact us today to learn more about auto insurance by JD Fulwiler. 


We offer motorcycle insurance with several significant benefits for riders. Primarily, it may provide financial protection in the event of an accident, covering the cost of bike repairs and medical expenses. 

We believe motorcycle insurance is a valuable investment, so we offer riders the following benefits: 

  • Liability insurance for motorcycles
  • Motorcycle collision insurance
  • Comprehensive coverage for motorcycles
  • And other needs-based supplemental insurance 

We invite you to speak with one of our benefits specialists to learn more about our individualized motorcycle insurance solutions. Once we receive your message, we will schedule a time to talk to you directly.


Our motorcycle insurance packages are customized based on bike type, rider history, mileage, location, and other pricing elements. While costs vary from one policy to another, we encourage you to contact our insurance experts to customize a policy that suits your budget and requirements.


Enhance your outdoor experiences with dependable RV coverage. Our fully accredited team of insurance experts will help you discover an insurance plan to safeguard your towable or motorized RV against unexpected events. Like our auto and motorcycle coverage, this includes:

  • Liability insurance for RVs
  • RV collision insurance
  • Comprehensive coverage for RVs
  • And other needs-based supplemental insurance for RVs

Contact us today to learn about specialized coverage for fifth wheels, campers, class A, B, and C motorhomes, and other recreational vehicles.


We recognize the advantages of bundling insurance, so we will work with you to assess whether this is the best choice for your pricing and coverage needs.


Gap coverage may provide payments when a car is totaled or stolen if there’s a deficit on a car loan after a standard insurance payout. For example, if your car loan is $20,000, and your auto insurance reimburses you $18,000 after an accident, Gap insurance may cover the remaining $2,000 (or the gap) under specific circumstances.

We may offer Gap insurance in carrier-specific cases or if one of our insurance agents believes it’s necessary. We recommend contacting us to learn if this is the right insurance solution for you.

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