Property Management

Property Management

Property Management

At JD Fulwiler & Co. Insurance, property management accounts are not treated as main street business, they are a specialty division. This is why we are known in the Northwest as a top partner providing insurance and risk management services to the property management industry. We are proud to work with both large and small property clients.

We are capable of providing a wide range of innovative solutions and represent many insurers that specialize in development, management, and apartment/commercial lessors risk insurance. We have direct access to innovative products for property managers. This, along with our many years of experience, allows us to truly partner with you in all aspects of your insurance and risk management needs.

Property Coverage 

  • Extremely competitive rates on all construction types and sizes
  • No limit on total insured values
  • Earthquake and earth movement
  • Flood and tsunami
  • Private flood alternatives to National Flood Program (NFIP)
  • Excess flood above National Flood Program
    • Includes loss of rents (disaster will affect many properties limiting available contractors resulting in a longer period for the restoration)
  • Tax credit properties
    • Tax credit loss included as business income – keeping property in compliance
  • Mold
    • Clean-up
    • Bodily injury
  • Meth Lab
    • Clean up
    • Bodily Injury

Errors and Omissions

  • Bodily injury can be deleted
  • Can include coverage for owned properties
  • Can include real estate agents errors and omissions, including the sale of owned properties

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

  • Coverage for:
    • Fair housing claims
    • Third-party claims
    • Property owner included as insured
    • Wage and hour
    • Immigration policies
  • We will work with you to get the policy language that works best for:
    • Employees (clearly defined)
    • Definition of a claim
    • Reporting time
    • Who needs to know – warranty statement
  • Standalone tenant discrimination policy – protect yourself from claims and nuisance claims

General Liability and Excess Liability/Umbrella

  • Many umbrella options including:
    • Forms with limits applicable per location
    • Pick up what underlying policies do not
    • Broad definition of personal injury which includes third-party claims if discrimination harassment or segregation
    • Broad definition of bodily injury to include mental anguish
    • Cleanup from pollution incident excess of insureds’ retention
    • Exhaustion of prior polices coverage, and more

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