Individual Health, Life, and Disability Insurance, Medicare

Individual Health, Life, and Disability Insurance, Medicare

Health, Life, and Disability Insurance for Individuals and Families

Health Insurance

With the ever increasing cost of medical care, health insurance coverage is more important than ever. If you don’t have employer-sponsored coverage, are losing your group coverage, or are interested in possible lower cost plans for your family, an Individual or Family plan may be the solution. With the number of carriers and plan options available, it’s a good idea to shop and compare options from multiple insurance carriers. Finding a plan that meets your needs and fits your budget is important but not always easy. Plans differ in cost, provider access and benefit levels. Getting the right coverage depends on a variety of factors, including what you can afford, what assistance you might be eligible for, and a changing legislative environment. Our individual insurance plan specialist is ready to help you find your health insurance solution.

Life Insurance

Do you know which life insurance policy is right for you and how long you should cover yourself or spouse to protect your family’s future? We will help you analyze your financial objectives and safeguard your family’s security. Buying life insurance has never been easier. Our team will help you determine the value and term of the right policy for you and your family.

Disability Insurance

You, your family, and your business all depend on you to be able to perform in your professional role and earn an income. Disability insurance helps protect your lifestyle should you suffer a loss of income due to an injury or illness. We will help you determine the right policy to protect your income and livelihood.


Medicare is complicated. As an individual nearing age 65, you are likely receiving mail and phone calls about your options. Where do you begin? Are you still working and need help understanding your options like continued coverage through your employer or moving to Medicare? Should you get coverage through a Medicare Advantage plan or a Supplement plan? How does prescription drug coverage fit in? Our Medicare specialist is ready to help you review your plan options and help make choices about your Medicare coverage.

“We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of your options.”

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