Insurance for Specialized Professions & Industries

Some professions and industries have exposure to risk that no other commercial businesses have. Many in these industries fear that every mistake, perceived mistake, or client dissatisfaction might lead to a disastrous lawsuit. For this reason, specialized insurance coverage is there to reduce risk and financial exposure. Our team is knowledgeable in the following specialized industries:

Architects & Engineers
Entertainment & Film
Financial Institutions
Nonprofit Corporations
Property Management
Special Events
UAS and Drone Industry
Wholesalers & Distributors
Work Truck (NTEA Insurance Program)
Work Trailer (NTDA Insurance Program)

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JD Fulwiler serves as the off-site insurance team for Options for Southern Oregon, Inc.This year, the commercial insurance team and benefits consultants were critical to our success as we faced the complexities related to a merger and occupying a new facility. Their anticipation of our needs and response to our questions has been exemplary.

Joann Gillyatt
Human Resource Director Options for Southern Oregon, Inc.

I have worked with J.D. Fulwiler for over twenty years and it remains one of our most trusted business relationships.

William Hatcher
CEO A to Z Wineworks / REX HILL

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