Wellness Program

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What are other organizations doing to reduce health care costs? Let us show you the latest benefit strategies.

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Wellness Program

Why Workplace Wellness?

Rising healthcare benefit costs are a significant concern, and poor health habits and unnecessary medical care costs consume portions of our corporate resources as well as the employee paycheck. The worksite is an ideal setting for health promotion. Employees spend many hours at work, nearing 50 hours per week. That’s why the workplace is an ideal setting to address health/wellness issues.

Why Start a Company Wellness Program?

Wellness Programs Help Control Costs

An employee wellness program can raise awareness and encourage employees to make lifestyle changes to improve their quality of life. The payoff in dollars as well as in quality of life can have a big impact on your company’s bottom line.

Increase Productivity

Healthier employees are more productive – bottom line. This has been demonstrated in factory settings and in office environments in which workers with workplace wellness initiatives miss less work.

Reduce Absenteeism

Healthier employees miss less work. The cost savings of providing a wellness program can be measured against reduced overtime to cover absent employees and other aspects of absenteeism.

Improve Morale and Enhanced Image for the Organization

A company that cares about its employees’ health is often seen as a better place to work.

Our Tools for Your Success

Our agency can help you create a Wellness Program that will help you control rising health care costs, increase employee productivity and increase employee morale.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Whether it’s a simple monthly wellness newsletter or a comprehensive plan, we’ll help you develop a program that fits.

Data Analysis

We have tools to help you gather claims data, conduct a needs-and-interest survey, and audit your current wellness culture, all to help pinpoint your employee group health needs.

Program Development

Our Workplace Wellness series will advise you on how to gain management support, form a wellness team, create a plan and program that is based on data, choose low-cost wellness initiatives, and evaluate your outcomes.

Custom Communication to Your Employees

Speak to your employees through our customized educational materials. We have documents that will help them understand their health issues and make wise decisions to benefit their lives now and in the future. Our resources include posters, payroll stuffers, communications flyers, newsletters, and e-mails.

Discover more about Worksite Wellness Small Steps to Healthy Employees.

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