Nonprofit Corporations

Nonprofit Corporations

Insurance for Nonprofit Corporations

The JD Fulwiler nonprofit team works with and supports over 700 nonprofit clients nationally, both large and small.  As their broker/agent we understand their unique business operations and partner with insurance companies that are on the same page.

The mission of the JD Fulwiler nonprofit insurance division is to help our nonprofit clients achieve their mission:

  • To protect their organization and keep them viable through insurance and risk management
  • To be holistic in our approach to client services
  • To be proactive in aiding our clients with the means to avoid loss situations in the first place, recognizing the importance of ongoing risk management programs
  • To evaluate corporate risk exposures in today’s world and implement the appropriate insurance protection
  • To vigilantly monitor and provide personal, direct assistance, with our in-house claims supervision if a loss situation should arise

We have a dedicated and knowledgeable nonprofit team, with each team leader having 18+ years’ experience working in this specialized business sector.

Insurance people who work with and know the operations, activities and exposures of nonprofits in all categories including Arts, Education, Environmental, Family & Civic, Health, Hospice, Religious and Social Services.

Program for Housing Authorities

We have partnered with high-rated carriers to offer a comprehensive property and liability policy that specifically addresses the unique coverage requirements of Public and Affordable housing organizations. This program offers competitive rates and services that will can be of huge value to your organization.

  • Flexible Coverages and Deductibles
    • Choose the coverages you want, pay for what you need.
  • One Expiration Date
    • Choose when you want to renewal ALL of your policies with one expiration date.
  • True Risk Management Programs
    • We will assist in helping you mitigate risk and reduce the likelihood of losses.
  • LIHTC and Owned Properties on the same policy
    • Group all of your properties onto one policy
  • Streamlined Claims Reporting and Policy Changes
    • Dedicated, in-house claims processing

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